Foreign Nationals and International Service Section

Providing justice to citizens in cooperation with various other people.

phone 03-5979-2880

phone 03-5979-2880

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About FISS

About Tokyo Public Law Office

Tokyo Public Law Office was established in Ikebukuro in June 2002 as a multi-purpose “Public Office established in a large city” with the support of the Tokyo Bar Association. In cooperation with related welfare, consumer, medical, tax and other specialized agencies and organizations, we take consultations and requests regarding the lives and businesses of local residents.

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About Foreign Nationals / International Service Section

The Tokyo Public Law Office Foreign Nationals and International Service Section (hereinafter referred to as “FISS”) previously referred to as The Foreign Nationals Service Section, which was established within the Tokyo Public Law Office in November 2011. In October 2012 we established the Mita branch of Tokyo Public Law Office as FISS, a department specializing in foreigners and international business, but we moved to Ikebukuro again in August 2016.

Tokyo Public Law Office Foreign Nationals and International Service Section (FISS) is the first urban public office to specialize in providing legal services to foreigners. Attorneys or secretariat can communicate and work on legal matters in one or two foreign languages of English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. For other languages, we provide legal services in through our affiliated multilingual interpreters. Since October 2012, FISS has conducted 30-40 new legal consultations each month.

In the seven years since its establishment, FISS is becoming more accessible to foreigners living all over Japan so that they can contact us when they have a legal problem.
In addition, we are writing articles for Japan Times – an English newspaper, Mercado Latino – a Spanish magazine, held consecutive seminars for consulates on basic legal issues related to foreigners living in Japan, as well as collaborating with municipalities and support groups foreigners.

As a public office, FISS is also engaged in activities to seek improvements in access barriers for foreigners trying to use the Japanese judicial system, as well as refugee issues and human rights issues for foreigners.

・Specializes in cases directly involving foreign nationals. It is also possible to deal with foreigners as the other party.
・ Your attorney can speak directly in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish).
・ Interpreters can be arranged for multiple languages other than English, French and Spanish.
・ Reservation can be made directly in foreign languages (English, Spanish, French and Vietnamese).