Foreign Nationals and International Service Section

Providing justice to citizens in cooperation with various other people.

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phone 03-5979-2880

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Practice Areas

Immigration Cases

● Visa, application for status of residence
Procedures for applying for changing or extending the status of residence of foreigners. Procedures for bringing family members living abroad.
● Application for special residence permit
Even if you do not have a status of residence such as overstaying, you may be able to obtain a status of residence in Japan in special circumstances such as when you have a Japanese family or when seeking such special permission to stay.
● Refugee application
Applicants for refugees and opposition procedures in Japan for those who have fled for fear of persecution in their country of origin.
● Administrative litigation
Administrative lawsuits such as a lawsuit for cancelling a deportation order when one is issued, and a lawsuit for revocation of unrecognized refugees when a refugee application is not approved.

Family Relationship Case

● Divorce / International divorce (including property distribution and divorce alimony).
● Child-related issues (custody, childcare, visits, recognition).
Consultations from foreigners with joint custody right in their own country and single custody and visitation rights of children in Japan. Other requests include payment for child support, consultation on child support (such as promised child support not being paid) and procedures for recognizing the father.
● Marital support
If you require payments concerning marriage, such as when your husband does not pay the living expenses or you decide to divorce and separate from your partner but want the living expenses to be paid until divorce.
● Adoption and separation
Adoption procedures, separation procedures for cancelling an adopted child, etc.

Naturalization / Nationality Cases

● Naturalization
● Acquisition of nationality


● Leasing relationship
Problems related to the lease relationship of buildings and land, such as when you want to ask for payment if you have arrears in rent or want to vacate the building or land.
● Claim for damages
If you were in a traffic accident and want to seek compensation.
● If you have debts and are having difficulty in repayment, or having trouble responding to payment prompts.
Bankruptcy / Arbitrary Arrangement