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Providing justice to citizens in cooperation with various other people.

phone 03-5979-2880

phone 03-5979-2880

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The Tokyo Public Law Office (TPLO) was established to conduct various public interest activities with assistance from the Tokyo Bar Association. The Foreign Nationals and International Services Section (FISS) is a specialized team of attorneys that provides legal assistance for foreign nationals in order to improve judicial access.
Our department have attorneys who speak English, French and Spanish and we also have many interpreters for various languages. If you are faced with sudden troubles and various legal issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.
In addition, our department also consult Japanese clients who are having problems dealing with foreigners or foreign countries. Japanese nationals are also welcome.



We specialize in cases where foreign nationals are directly involved. We accommodate requests in various languages. All of our attorneys speak foreign languages and we have interpreters for various other languages. We accept not only consultations from people of various nationalities living in Japan, but also consultations from Japanese nationals who have legal problems with foreigners.

Attorneys respond directly in foreign languages.

Our attorneys can communicate directly in English, French and Spanish. We can respond flexibly and quickly for those languages, as we talk to the client directly in a foreign language as well as to the other party. You can speak with your attorney directly in your native language with confidence.

Handle cross-border consultations.

We also accept consultations from overseas residents via Skype. We will communicate with people living abroad who have legal issues that extend overseas through Skype, email, etc. and will respond to cross-border issues.



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