Foreign Nationals and International Service Section

Providing justice to citizens in cooperation with various other people.

phone 03-5979-2880

phone 03-5979-2880

Opening hours 9:30-17:00

(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)



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Please be noted that there are separate calendars for ① In-person Consultation, and ②Telephone / Skype / Zoom Consultation.
If you submit the request form outside of our business day & hour, please choose the time slot that is ① at lease in the afternoon of the nearest business day or later (for face-to-face legal consultation) / ② after two days of the nearest business day (for telephone / skype / zoom consultation). If you choose the day & time other than the above, the time slot may not be available.
If you wish a legal advice in another time zone, or if you speak a language other than Japanese / English / Spanish / French and need an interpreter to be arranged by us, please contact directly at 03-5979-2880/