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Business Startups

When a foreigner establishes a company in Japan

Do you have problems like these?

・ What precautions are there for foreigners when setting up a company in Japan?
・ Is the required procedure different depending on the type of residence status?
・ Is it true that deregulation was made easier for foreigners to have enterprises?
・ I want to establish a company in Japan and obtain a business management visa.
・ I want to establish a company in Japan and employ foreigners.

Features of Our Office

In order for an individual foreigner to obtain the status of residence of “Business Manager” by establishing a company, it is necessary to prepare a capital of 5 million yen or more. If this is not the case, there will be conditions such as hiring two full-time employees residing in Japan. Also, it is necessary to secure an office and to have a bank account in Japan.

On the other hand, if you are a permanent resident or a long-term resident and the status of residency does not affect the establishment of the company, you can start the company from 1 yen. However, all the documents must be prepared in Japanese and depending on the content business licenses or qualified personnel may be required. Various procedures will occur after the company is established, such as notification to the tax office and procedures for joining social insurance.

In order to assist foreigners who are unfamiliar with the Japanese system, Tokyo Public Law Office provides a total support from application procedures for various permission and approval to legal support after establishment. You can focus on your business and the experts do the complicated and cumbersome works.

Our office can also provide legal support for foreign companies expanding into Japan. There are quite a few cases in which trouble can occur, especially in the case of the first entry into Japan since the country has an unparalleled uniqueness in the world from language to culture, customs and laws.

Many of our attorneys have experience living abroad, and we have extensive experience in contracts relating to international transactions. Since we also have a deep understanding of the differences in business practices, we are good at smooth negotiations and proceedings without creating awkwardness or confusion between the parties when creating and concluding the contract.

In addition to English, we can meet various needs regarding contracts in French and Spanish. Please also feel free to contact us for legal support other than Japanese law.

Guidance on consultation fee and consultation reservation method

Face-to-face consultation fee (initial) is 5,500 yen (tax included) for 30 minutes. * One consultation is limited to 60 minutes. We also accept telephone, Skype and Zoom consultations from home and abroad. PayPal and Credit card is also available except for bankruptcy and debt consolidation cases.
Those who meet certain income and asset criteria may be able to use the support system (lending, etc.) provided by the Japan Judicial Support Centre (Ho terrace) or the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, which may reduce the burden of consultation fees and attorney fees. Please feel free to contact us.

Legal consultation is by appointment only.
Please apply by phone or online consultation reservation form.
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Our staff will promptly notify you of the consultation date and time by the specified method (email or telephone) when you apply using the consultation form. If we do not contact you within 3 working days after submitting the form, the email may not have been sent correctly. Please kindly contact us by phone for confirmation.

■ Main Practice Area
Company Startups / Establishment of Japanese Branch / Acquisition of Various Permits and Applications / Preparation of Documents / Application for Visa / Corporate Legal Affairs / Protection of Intellectual Property such as Patents and Copyrights