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phone 03-5979-2880

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Criminal Defense

Foreign National Criminal Cases

Do you have problems like these?

・ A foreign national partner was arrested by the police for overstaying.
・ My spouse was arrested for possession of cocaine.
・ My spouse injured another person and was convicted. Can we still live in Japan?
・ A foreign national employee was arrested for possession of another person’s residence card.

Striving to provide “real solutions” for a better future.

We have attorneys with proficiency in English, French and Spanish languages, which enables us to defend a foreign national’s criminal case without an interpreter for those languages. As a suspect is a foreign national, we believe that contacting the family in a foreign country is also an important role for an attorney.

We will use an interpreter if a client does not speak English, French and Spanish. We will work closely together with an interpreter to ensure all the details of the case and explain criminal procedure thoroughly. So please feel confident in contacting us.

One of the first concerns about a foreign criminal case could be deportation. As a general rule, foreigners with official residence status will not be deported outside Japan when they are arrested or detained, but they may be deported after the criminal procedure is completed.

With that in mind, we will start working towards obtaining a “Special Permission to Stay in Japan” that allows our clients to maintain the life in Japan after the criminal procedures. We will carry out proactive defense activities aiming for a better future in dealing with interrogations, negotiating with victims at the stage of suspects and in courts after prosecution, based on a wealth of knowledge and experience specialized in immigration status and procedures.

In addition, we are familiar with matters unique to foreigners such as making consular notifications, so that we can respond in detail without defects. Please be assured that we will also work with the embassy of your home country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate.

Our group of attorneys will work harder than anyone else, aiming for “real solutions”. This is because we are the first public office established by the Tokyo Bar Association to carry out various public interest activities.

Our Support System

If you request an interview with a person who is detained at a police station, the fee is 55,000 yen (tax included, transportation expenses not included).

We also accept consultations from the family members and friends of those who are detained. Face-to-face consultation fee (initial) is 5,500 yen (tax included) for 30 minutes. * One consultation is limited to 60 minutes. We also accept telephone, Skype and Zoom consultations from home and abroad. PayPal and Credit card is also available except for bankruptcy and debt consolidation cases.

There is also a support system (loans, etc.) for those who meet certain income and asset criteria by the Japan Legal Support Center (Hoterasu) or the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Please feel free to contact us.

Legal consultation is by appointment only.
Please apply by phone or online consultation reservation form.
Telephone:03-5979-2880 (Reception: Mon-Fri 9:30-17:00) Telephone:03-5979-2880 (Reception: Mon-Fri 9:30-17:00)

Our staff will promptly notify you of the consultation date and time by the specified method (email or telephone) when you apply using the consultation form. If we do not contact you within 3 working days after submitting the form, the email may not have been sent correctly. Please kindly contact us by phone for confirmation.

■ Main Practice Area
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law Violations (Overstay / Illegal Employment / Illegal Employment Promotion, Etc.), Drug Offenses (Use of Illegal Drugs Such As Stimulants, Smuggling, etc.), and Other Criminal Offenses (Theft, Assault, etc.)