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Employment and Labor

Foreign Labor Issues / Labor management

Do you have problems like these?

[Employer Side Case]
・ I want to confirm in advance whether there are any problems with the employment contract or work regulations.
・ I want to dismiss a foreign employee who causes many problems.
・ I’m worried about renewing a work visa for an employee.

[Employee Side Case]
・ Wages are too low, overtime is not paid.
・ I have been working for several years but have no paid leave.
・ I was injured at work, but the company does not compensate me.
・ I was laid off suddenly ・ I can’t consult anyone because of illegal employment.

We will provide an agreeable solution from both the employer and employee perspectives.

With the revision of the Immigration Control Act of 2019, it is now possible for foreigners to work in a wider range of business fields than before. This has resulted in an increase in consultations. Tokyo Public Law Office Attorney-at-law accepts consultations from both employers and employees. Since both are handled, it is possible to promptly lead to a solution that both parties are satisfied with and to make proposals to prevent problems in advance.

[Employer Side Case]

When hiring a foreigner, compliance with each labor law is the same as with a Japanese person but detailed procedures and notifications under the Immigration Control Act are required. This includes confirmation of residence status and duration period. Various problems such as troubles due to cultural differences are expected, even after employment.
Our office can provide full support for employment of foreigners. For preparations before commencement of employment, we will provide advice such as creating contracts in local language, creating proxy application documents to the Immigration Bureau, etc. and preparing internal rules that foreigners can understand for when they begin work.

[Employee Side Case]

It seems that many foreign workers are still in a poor working environment. There are many cases where proper wages are not paid, illegal deductions, paid leave is not allowed and unfair dismissals are being made.
There is also a possibility of serious injury as a result of a dangerous working environment. However, there are cases where the employer does not report the accident and the employee cannot receive compensation. Even if you work illegally, you can get workers compensation insurance and you can also seek compensation from your employer.
Other trouble related to employment which foreigners experience is also greatly affected by the lack of trust with the employer. The best way to prevent troubles is to have an easily reachable attorney who is familiar with the labor issues of foreigners and make necessary preparations and measures, such as legal checks in advance to see if there are any problems with working conditions or employment contracts.

Guidance on consultation fee and consultation reservation method

Face-to-face consultation fee (initial) is 5,500 yen (tax included) for 30 minutes. * One consultation is limited to 60 minutes. We also accept telephone, Skype and Zoom consultations from home and abroad. PayPal and Credit card is also available except for bankruptcy and debt consolidation cases.
Those who meet certain income and asset criteria may be able to use the support system (lending, etc.) provided by the Japan Judicial Support Center (Ho terrace) or the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, which may reduce the burden of consultation fees and attorney fees. Please feel free to contact us.

Legal consultation is by appointment only.
Please apply by phone or online consultation reservation form.
Telephone:03-5979-2880 (Reception: Mon-Fri 9: 30-17: 00) Telephone:03-5979-2880 (Reception: Mon-Fri 9: 30-17: 00)
Online Reservation Form

Our staff will promptly notify you of the consultation date and time by the specified method (email or telephone) when you apply using the consultation form. If we do not contact you within 3 working days after submitting the form, the email may not have been sent correctly. Please kindly contact us by phone for confirmation.

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