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17th legal seminar

2020/06/04 News

On June 4th, 2020, this office conducted an Online Webinar for the members and the staff of the foreign consulates in Tokyo. We had the pleasure of hosting participants from 13 countries.

For the first half of the Webniar, our Attorney Nahoko Amemiya introduced the latest developements regarding the measures and supports available upon the onset of the new coronavirus, mainly by the national and local government, together with the life and immigration information. For the second half, our Attorney Yayoi Hasegawa discussed the procedures of debt workout, which is expected to increase the importance due to the decline of the economic situation.

Foreign consulates have rolls to support the lives of their nationals in Japan. The purpose of this seminar is to provide information regarding to Japanese legal system, so that they can assist foreign nationals in this country. This was our 17th such legal seminar, however it was the first attempt to utilize online method. We are putting our effort to improve our services in order to continue providing useful information in a timely matter.